CBD Oil Drops 5%

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CBD Oil Drops 5%

From: 37.49 From: 29.79

  • Relieves Pain And Inflammation
  • Helps Combat Anxiety And Depression
  • Has Anti-Tumour Properties
  • Prevents Diabetes
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CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a healthy form of cannabinoid that is naturally found in the cannabis plant.

This chemical compound is often mistaken with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is a psychoactive cannabinoid affecting human psyche.

However, according to research, CBD is not psychoactive.

That’s why CBD oil is an appealing remedy to treat different conditions like chronic pain or mental disorders without the mind-altering impact.


The Top Benefits of CBD Oil: 

  • Relieves pain and inflammation 
  • Helps combat anxiety and depression 
  • Treats acne and sebum overproduction 
  • Has anti-tumour properties 
  • Prevents Alzheimer’s disease 
  • Reduces chemotherapy side effects and might have cancer-fighting properties 
  • Treats Parkinson’s and other neurological diseases 
  • Benefits heart and circulatory system 
  • Prevents diabetes